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Hill Climb Race 4x4 icon Explore challenging levels in this arcade game featuring daunting hill climbs and a pretty weak car

Off-road vehicles are designed to handle difficult terrain and keep the passengers in relative safety, although a good driver is also needed to make the most out of such cars. They pack a lot of interesting technology to make things work when nature says they shouldn’t, so there are just as many components that can break if you are not careful enough to avoid the larger obstacles.

Climb on top of difficult hills and make it in one piece

Hill Climb Race 4x4 is an arcade racing game in which your goal is to carefully climb on top of hills and avoid accidents along the way. There’s nothing more to it than that, but it should be enough for a bit of fun every now and again, at least in theory. In practice, however, the game is far too buggy and badly designed to provide you with any kind of entertainment.

The car you drive is some sort of pick-up truck, although it’s very slow and almost ill-equipped for hill climbing. In addition, it also comes with a few problems in regards to handling, because even the slightest turn of the wheel is enough to flip the vehicle over. There’s nothing you can do but reset the level when this happens, so it’s certainly an annoying occurrence.

Basic graphics and simple level design

Challenging levels are very important in the genre, because that’s what makes players want to try harder and obtain a better time with each attempt. In this case, on the other hand, the only difficult thing is the way as your car slowly crawls up the hill, because there’s truly nothing that can cause you to fall or miss a corner because of excessive speeding.

As for the graphics, they are more than basic as well, and this fact is obvious in almost every regard. Thus, the textures are stretched and badly mapped, the 3D objects barely have a handful of polygons between them. Even the music is annoying and repetitive, so there are not many fun elements to keep you engaged.

A basic arcade game with no original ideas

All things considered, a lot more could have been achieved with Hill Climb Race 4x4, but the developers did not try at all to innovate. Hence, the result is something that might only impress those who never got to play any other game until this one.

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Hill Climb Race 4x4 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Hill Climb Race 4x4 4.6

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