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Billiardino 3 icon Play pool against the computer or against one of your friends in this arcade poor simulator

Although it doesn’t look like it, pool is a pretty complex game, and it’s quite difficult to get the physics right when it comes to video game simulations. The balls must adhere to many laws of physics in order to react as they would in real life, and those laws can be tricky to integrate in code form. However, there are convincing simulators out there, although they usually require some patience to master.

Challenge the computer to a game of pool

Billiardino 3 is a very simple pool game in which you get to enjoy yourself without worrying about difficult cue discipline and various other things that must be taken into consideration for a successful shot. Hence, the physics are downright hilarious in this game, which may actually be hurtful to the experience if you want to feel like your skills have value.

You have the option to play with a friend or with the computer, although the latter is barely able to make any kind of meaningful contribution to the match. There’s only one game mode to try, but that wouldn’t be a problem if it was worth it, which is not exactly the case here. Hence, it takes quite the patient player to sit through even one session.

Terrible physics and annoying mechanics

The only things under your control are the power of the shot, the direction as well as where to hit the cue ball. Unfortunately, none of these things matter that much when the balls themselves move erratically around the table, since they do not slide at all and they barely move sometimes, regardless of how hard you hit them. Thus, it makes it very difficult to apply your real world knowledge.

The graphics are actually not bad, at least when it comes to textures and reflections, but that is of little consequence to the overall experience. It’s also a bit difficult to move the camera around, and the music is definitely poorly chosen for a pool game. Naturally, you can disable it if you want, but you have to do so by using the audio mixer that comes with Windows, because the game does not even have this option.

Too many annoyances for an entertaining experience

In the end, Billiardino 3 is not exactly the kind of game that impresses you, given the fact that it fails to accurately portray the physics of the sport. However, it may find some fans out there, at least if you just want to aimlessly hit some balls around a table.

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Billiardino 3 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Billiardino 3 4.7

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